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The Prototype design thinking industry in India is slowly gathering its momentum. We are electronic prototype design engineer (s). We in Compu Drive System don’t believe in building a simple product; we love thinking a product with capabilities like power of processing and automation combined. To say in one word we design out of the box products.

Nothing else in life is as heavenly as the pleasure of approaching the consumer market with an innovative circuit and creative new product design that benefits most human lives in their day-to-day activities and provide the inventor with fame to develop out of the box product and off course with a source of revenue. 

Prototyping is a complicated process of practical prototype design thinking of the client’s idea, to give a fully functional and real out of the box product like outlook. The process can also be defined as the production of a logical vision of a complicated problem. As a product design engineer, first, we need to understand and give values to our client and his innovative idea to be designed. So a periodic long discussion with the client is very important to learn and ideate the client’s vision.

The next step of design thinking is to sketch out the new product design in the form of a block flow diagram and then transfer block flow diagram ideas to CAD and visualize as a 3D product design object. Designing the mechanical functions to be integrated and also integrating electronic, sensors and touch display to make the product act more intelligent,smart and out of the box feel. Once all design works are complete now the building process of prototype starts.

Mechanical Workshop – A proper workshop with strong mechanical workbench like 3D printer, table saw, bench drill with milling attachments, grinding, polishing and spray painting and full setup of mechanical handy tools are very important for a regular prototype business to give a shape to mechanical design, improve quality and productivity.

Electronic Lab – A very well equipped electronic lab along with a perfect stock room containing an almost complete stock of electronic components, various sensors and very perfect tools are very important factors in electronic prototype design thinking and development process.

Miniaturization, outlook, internal and external neatness are generally not considered in the very first functional prototypes rather in the first phase of prototype product development process we try to cover maximum on the functional aspect, usability, data collection, and testing and to check our clients every idea is been worked out.

We welcome all Inventors, M.tech & PhD students, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Startups to visit Compu Drive System and  get your Ideas into real prototype product outlook with a feel out of the box product design.

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Out Of The Box Design

Compu Drive System is a three decades one-stop company serving in the Field as #1, Best electronic circuit designers, Undertaking new prototype design thinking in the arena like Consumer Electronics, IoT Projects, Design Prototype Product , Schematics / PCB Design, Industrial Control, Medical Electronics, Automotive Electronics and various out of the box product design in similar niche.

CDS fits best electronic circuit design and design thinking domain, undertake intelligent and innovative project assignment for Inventors, M.tech & PhD students, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Large Companies in India and across…

Re-engineering Services

Compu Drive System is celebrating three decades of successful journey in the field of Industrial and Medical Electronics Equipment Re-Engineering, Repair and Services.

We undertake all type of industrial engineering, re-engineering, maintenance and component level repair job works for products from companies like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Baldor, Bosch, Kawaski, Sanyo, Sony, Honeywell, Toshiba etc. and also equipment’s getting manufactured in China.

Compu Drive System is a strong team with Expertise and Experience …

Website Design & Development

In today’s modernization a website is a compulsory tool for almost every business and organization, to build strong relationships online anywhere, 24*7.

An effective website must be responsive that is with proper website display in Laptop, Tablet and very important is Mobile, with great content, visually-driven, light weight site to have a faster loading time, SEO friendly and with easy & beautiful User Interface (UI). 

A good website design is important to improving the Search Engine Ranking; generate good web traffic, which gives you wide publicity for your business …

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