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Welcome to Compu Drive System

Think, how strange it is! Complex technologies offer us simple solutions. The world is becoming faster, day-by-day. Therefore, the entire civilization is now in search of technologies that can produce greater outcomes, in minimal time. Well, being one of the pioneers of the industry for the past 30 years, team Compu-Drive System can claim Prototype designing is something that exactly caters to such needs, and manifests innovative ideas into reality.

What Prototype designing exactly is?

The word prototype is an abbreviation of ‘proto-typical’. Prototype designing helps to verify the functionality of a new concept by manufacturing samples of a product, employing the same concept in it, for the very initial time. Proto-typing is gaining popularity all the more in the fields of architecture, electronics, software programming, semantics, and design. System analysts use prototyping to check the specifications of a real, and working system, rather than testing theoretical concepts. Generally speaking, it has two parts in it— the formalization, and the materialization.

In the “Formalization” stage the designers try to validate a new concept in reality, by designing products based on it. They often fail, and point out the defects in their concepts— fix it; and finally achieve the materialization stage where their ideas get the shape of reality by successfully manufacturing a new type of product. Protypes are crucial part of product designing. The purpose of it is to realistically carve out a model, based on the client’s needs, by employing brand-new concepts. The process is challenging. The concepts need to corrected and modified time and again to reach the desired goal. However, every impediment falls short before the joy of innovating and executing something new. Proto-typing is extremely creative, and offers a lot of joy to the innovative, out-of-box thinkers and designers when they can physically touch their ideas in forms of manufactured products.

An Insight to Some of our Flag-Ship Projects

Compu Drive has successfully performed a plethora of unique prototype product designing assignments, in various parts of the globe. Recently in Qatar we have completed a project of Hybrid Solar System, which has set us ahead of other prototype designers, due to the unmatchable perfection we had showcased there. Our latest success is earning the US International Patent award, because of designing a unique shoewhich has never been designed the same way like us, ever in the universe. Currently we are serving the merchant navy. We are employing our USP technologies over there, which enables them to reduce fuel cost up to 25-30%.

Why to choose Prototype designing?

Prototype designing is the need of the hour. It gives the customer an exact over view of how the final product will look like. The process helps a designer to abandon unnecessaryelements, and thus saves the customer’s money. More than anything else, it is an avenue that offers a platform to fresh talents and innovative minds.

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Who Are We

Establishing its corner stone in the year 1990, Compu Drive System has seen no decline in its collective zeal, to craft, and carve out multiple proto type products for our valued client. We have an extremely professional and creative team working with us, who are capable of delivering top-notch prototype products. Compu Drive System has been serving numerous clients both domestically and internationally. Our products have gained reputations not only amongst our Indian clients, but we have earned token of trust among our clients based in USA, UK, Qatar, China, and Afghanistan.

Compu Drive System finds its niche in Electronics, and Mechatronics domains. Our stage-in-craft expertise can successfully turn any product into its automatised version. 

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A word from us— Team Compu Drive

Compu Drive System is ever committed to serve the clients’ exact demands. All our products are a class apart, due to our extreme dedication towards any project we undertake. We are committed to give innovative designers a chance to showcase their talent to the world. Therefore, choose prototype designing— and let Compu drive System serve you once atleast!

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