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Compu Drive System

We Design & Fabricate Your Creative Concept Into A Smart Automated Customized Product

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Compu Drive System 

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You've come to the right place. Team Compu Drive System is the best prototype product design company in India, builds world-class prototype products at affordable prices. In today's world, it's evident how important a role automated machines are playing in various businesses. The most recent technological trend that industries are excited about is industrial automation. Compu Drive System is an Indian prototype product design company with three decades of expertise & experience in turning your innovative idea into an intelligent automated product ranging from home automation to industrial automation machines. 

Compu Drive System is a product design and prototype firm that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses globally to help them bring their new product ideas to reality.

Team Compu Drive System has a talented team of engineers and designers on board, as well as a full-fledged complete in-house prototyping skill, to help you create a prototype product of nearly any new concept/idea. Compu Drive System has a cut edge skill over Mechatronics and Electronic Automation. 

We guarantee to make your business grow a step forward, elevating its Return On Investment (ROI) and earning you the reputation and fame as the expert in your field, keeping your Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) and strict confidentiality.

We understand that every product, project, company, and inventor is unique, so we provide a wide range of flexible services centered on product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to meet your specific requirements.

We provide free consultations to assist you. Please contact us if you would like to speak with our CEO (Product Design Head) about your next project!


Who Are We?


Compu Drive System finds its niche in Electronics and Mechatronics domains. Our stage-in-craft expertise can successfully turn any product into its automatized version. So when our expertise meets your dream, a miracle product is born.

Compu Drive System has been serving numerous clients both domestically and internationally. Our product has established a name not just among our Indian clients but also among our clientele in the United States, the United Kingdom, Qatar, and Afghanistan.


A word from us— Team Compu Drive System


Compu Drive System is always committed to meeting the exact needs of its clients. All our products are a class apart due to our extreme dedication towards any project we undertake.


We are committed to giving innovative designers a chance to showcase their talent to the world. Therefore, choose Compu Drive System for prototype designing— and let us serve you once at least!

Industrial Automation & Control

Electronics Circuit Design / PCB Design & PCBA

Metal Fabrication & Mechatronics Design

IoT / Sensor Based Home & Office Automation

Design Embedded Applications

Hybrid Solar Projects Using Optical Fibers

Aerial Drones, Underwater & Marine Projects

3D Designing, 3D Modelling & 3D Printing

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Our Expertise & Industry Associations

Wings of Compu Drive System

Out Of The 
Box Design

Team Compu Drive System is at the top demand to create mechatronics prototype products and industrial automated machines with the help of their cut-edge technology. Our team is always thirsty and looking out for new features and elements to either incorporate, or abandon by creating top-notch versions of prototype products as per our client’s exact demands. We heavily rely upon our intuition, and go a long way down of conceiving, analyzing, designing, constructing, testing, and maintaining which finally yields products of refined quality, and superb performance.

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Compu drive system provides re-engineering services to its valued clients. Under this provision we offer repairing services of non-functional industrial machineries. Also, for better performance of the machines we modernize the old technologies to its best possible newest versions. We enhance the processing speeds of machines, and re-engineer it in a way which allows the pre-existing machinery to become even a tad bit more work efficient. In this whole process we consider the problem faced by our clients to work with the current model and fetch a solution…

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3D CAD Design & Printing

Compu-drive System is a one-stop-solution for all the 3D Design and Printing needs. 3D CAD modeling is day-by-day becoming popular for many industries to use in their products. At Compu Drive System with the help of 3D CAD we generate virtual 3D models of the prototype products we are going to design for our clients. FDM 3D printing enables us to virtually design the look of the prototype product before-hand, choose the color of it, and fix the enclosure design of the same too. The process is based on creation, manipulation, analysis, and optimization of a specific design.

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Electronics / Mechatronics Product Designer

Mr. Sandip Golani CEO & Founder

Product Photography & Digital Marketing

Miss. Miron Golani CEO

Finance & Administrative

Mrs. Tapti Golani CEO & Co. Founder