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Choose Industrial Automation for increasing your business’s profit, productivity, and precision

Choose Industrial Automation and Control for increasing your business’s profit, productivity, and precision— by Team Compu drive System


In Today’s time, businesses demand refined products at competitive prices. To cater to this need of time, manufacturing firms are quickly shifting towards Industrial automation and control.  Industrial automation is one of the key means to accelerate production rate and ameliorate product quality at a reasonable price.


Defining Industrial Automation and Control

In normal cases, after finalizing a product human labour controls the performance of the machinery. Industrial automation replaces manual labour with the help of programming, and powerful mechanical tools.

The very term “Automation” means ‘Self-Dictating”, or “self-moved mechanism”.

Today’s manufacturing industry is dominated by PLCs, PCs, PACs that are all Industrial automation devices. Every of these automation techniques guarantees sustainable and safe economic operations. More it, we now make use of Total Integrated Operation, which uses supremely hi-tech automation solutions like SIMATIC module PLCs (used as an automation control system), and WinCC (used to curate an effective Graphic Design) technologies to facilitate industrial production.

The multiple stages related to automation

Step 1 is known as the field level. We use sensors and actuators in these steps. The sensors control temperature, pressure, flow level, etc. into electrical signals. The actuators convert these electrical signals into mechanical means which controls the process ahead.


This step is full of automation devices like CNC and PLC machines which gather data from different sensors and deliver automated controlled functions.

Step 3

This is known as the enterprise level. This process performs production planning, deals with market analysis, counts the tally of order and sales, and facilitates the commercial part of the business.


The benefits of choosing automation

To ameliorate product quality

Automated robots commit a lesser number of errors than their human counterpart. Added to it, the robots can be made to work as many hours as it takes, unlike humans. Thus, automation guarantees a better-quality check to the generated products.

For better output

Productivity destines the success of a business. Control automation remarkably cuts down assembly timing, assuring product quality, and boosting mass production. Therefore, when a small input is given a large output is generated. Industrial automation adds a lot of flexibility to the whole process. Because via industrial automation robots perform many tasks, the manufacturing process becomes quick, hassle-free, and a lot more adaptive.

For ensuring safety

The automation process guarantees optimum safety in hazardous working conditions. In risky working milieu industrial automation installs technologies related to automation robotics. Thereafter, these robots perform the role of humans.

For keeping the process economical

Because Industrial automation controls assembly sizes, reduces the necessity of human labour it by default removes a lot of associated costs from the whole process.

Maintaining information precision

Automated procedures help to collect a wide array of data, improves data accuracy, and cuts down data collection costs. It is a good tool to make the right decisions, by cutting down costs and improving production process quality.

To serve a varied clientele base

Industrial automation is the technology of the new generation. The technology now making inroads to perhaps every front of the economy. From agriculture to water reserve, customized automated control solutions are dominating the scene.

Compu Drive System and Automation

Compu Drive System is a trusted name in prototyping technologies, in Kolkata. We dominate the market for the last 30 years. Our team has a cut edge skill over mechatronics and electronic automation. Partner with us as your business’s automation expert. We guarantee to make your business grow a step forward, elevating its ROI and earning you the reputation and fame as the expert in your field.


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