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Circuit Design Tips & Tricks

Make a clear blueprint block diagram of the circuit design you're going to draw.

The blueprint block diagram is the best guidance in electronics circuit design since it reflects the architecture and overview of the circuit schematic layout. It allows the user to quickly grasp the circuit's function and describe the design systems.

Check Your Circuit On Breadboard

Try all critical circuit blocks one by one on the breadboard to test the full functionality of the practical working of the circuit. Once all the breadboard circuit testing gets over, start designing the circuit diagram on whatever circuit designing software you use.

Always add a title to the schematic diagram and include the designer's name, date, version, revision as these little pieces of information give the schematic a more professional appearance.

Selecting Of Components for Your Circuit Design.

There are thousands of similar components available in the local market and online. It is advisable to utilize components that are widely available locally and cost-wise less expensive. This small process builds trust in our customer base, and we can anticipate more circuit design work in the future.

Tips For Schematic Design

In electronic circuit design, the circuit layout must include the electrical signals flowing from left to right. Always follow the conventional practice of placing the ground line at the bottom with the power line at the top of the circuit design layout. This simple practice improves circuit readability.

Make Distinct Links and Connections.

The nets in the circuit design must be displayed and differentiated to determine whether they are crossed over or connected. A minor error in the nets connection can render the PCB useless, and it is sometimes critical to identify the fault. To get a clear picture of the circuit connections, the designer should use the dot convention method to denote net wire connections.

Usage Of Coupling / Decoupling Capacitors 

In electronic devices, the power supply is unstable, resulting in a fluctuating output voltage that can disrupt the circuit. To avoid this, the designer filters the input and output signals with different types of capacitors. Thus to improve the circuit design from local circuit noise and power fluctuations, a good designer uses many coupling and decoupling capacitors to upgrade circuit performance.

Important Role Of Pull-Down/Pull-Up Resistors.

When working with digital IC and microcontroller circuits, every designer should consider the use of pull-up and pull-down resistors. This principle aids in ignoring and dealing with the occurrence of the floating state.


Have fun designing and developing circuits.


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