How To Make Your Electronic Prototype Product Design || Get Your PCB Electronics Designed

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Compu Drive System is among the best prototype companies in the globe to carry out as professional prototype designers and we know the cheapest way to make a prototype design and fabricate prototypes in INDIA along with complete PCB Electronics design works.

The entire engineering from design thinking process to, making of working prototype model is all done under one roof of Compu Drive System, Kolkata, India Office.

After the design thinking process is over, our electronic prototype product design work starts with electronic circuit design, printed circuit board (PCB Electronics) layout, PCB fabrication, sourcing and procurement of electronic components, PCB Assembly (PCBA), working and testing of PCBA.

Then starts the hardware design process, where machine design and fabrication or 3D model design starts, along with 3D print of enclosure design, all depends as per customized prototype to be build.

Next step of prototype process is to make the device function in intelligent way, so here starts the longest process of microcontroller coding and feeding process instructions. This is the point where designed PCBA interfaces with the sensors and hardware designed and starts dancing depending upon the coded instructions. This is the most complicated and restless phase of innovative design process but very enjoyable and interesting phase of a designers life.

Today’s designed prototypes in 2020 are generally smart products by nature, which further gets associated with Internet of Things also called IoT. Thus a new phase in design starts is coding the mobile, PC or cloud based applications as per customers need.

After all prototype development process are complete, then starts the vigorous testing of PCBA, sensors, hardware, fine tuning of microcontroller instructions, fine tuning of instructions, look, style and  color of app designed.

Generally a prototype product are not very attractive look wise, for the parameters like product look, color, shape, size, and weight are thought in the next phase of prototype to manufacturing process.

Once the entire process of prototype development is over, then starts professional photography product video shoot to make a client’s business demo video trailer for video presentation and advertisement of the prototype product.

So the last and important part is the training and hand over of prototype product to the respective client and now wait for the user feedbacks and further make the final improvements.

So how did you like the short write up, for a very lengthy prototype design process? The process sometimes takes 3 months to even 2 years; depending on the client’s project type.

If you find this little write up informative and useful, I hope you will share it with your business friends and clients.  I will also like to hear your comments related to this subject.

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