Compu Drive System, for electronic prototype design

The multi talented and skilled team of Comp Drive System (CDS) holds a steadfast vision to be the front runner, globally, in Electronic prototype design, project idea and circuit design, repair of industrial / medical equipment and imparting professional level training in practical electronics, micro-controllers, mechatronics, arduino, raspberry pi, schematics designing using eagle, practicals using sensors to make smart home automation and automation anywhere projects etc.

We dream to enabling employment: CDS aims at helping the nation fight the unemployment problem by providing professional practical short term courses for the Diploma B.tech & M.tech students, creating project idea and circuit design for final year, electronics and mechatronics project for exhibitions and competitions and chiseling them towards a career where they can excel in the Indian & global Information Technology and Electronics Industry or startup as a entrepreneur entering the world full of electronics with multiple and endless arenas.

Fulfilling Social Responsibility: CDS understands its role towards the uplifting society. As very well said by Mr. Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We belief in it. We offer 50% discount on all course fees for the physically handicapped and underprivileged yet talented students who cannot afford to pay for high ended courses. We also offer 25% discount on all our courses for girls, to build them self sufficient and stand on their own feet and work parallely in the man dominated world. Our mission remains to help them lead a dignified life, independently. Our vision is our endeavor, your excellence our reward. Evolve with us. Let us build a better future together, a sustainable, environment friendly future. We put in as much as we can into using biodegradable products and raw materials for all the development and prototype designing happening in our company. We also make it a point to minimise the use of paper and believes in electronic mail and electronic data transfer for all our services.

Electronic Prototype Design - Necessity Is Mother Of Invention

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