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With technology taking the lead in our lives, we are constantly becoming dependent on the internet. In the case of marketing the prototyping products built at Compu Drive Systems, we make sure that we are just not building high-quality prototype products but ensuring that these are reaching the right audience. Compu Drive system is a 30-year-old Prototyping farm based in Kolkata. The board of CEOs at CDS is extremely cautious about the creating hi-quality prototype product photography and videos so that our clients get full marketing & advertising benefits..


The motive underlying our marketing strategy is basically to make the buyer’s experience easier with us. We thank Miss. Miron Golani, CEO, Prototype Photography and Digital Marketing, who chalked out for us on the right path to reaching our targeted audience.


Miss. Miron Golani — The Name Behind Compu Drive’s Digital Marketing

Miron Golani’s Photography is a well established name in the field of wedding photography in India. Website: With a extremely personalized, contemporary approach to every wedding that she covers, Miron also has a deft hand in Product photography. Over the years, Miron has photographed every single product made at Compu Drive System for our in-house marketing endeavors. We at Compu Drive System believe in the power of visual merchandising. It is extremely important that your prospective clients are aware of all the products that you are creating.

Benefits of our in-house photography:

·        The main plus point on having our in-house team for photography and videography is that we know the product from scratch. All the functions and activities of the prototype products are known to us inside out, so we make sure all the small details are captured in the photographs and videos.

·        One of the biggest benefits of getting our in-house photography team is that you can completely rule out the chances of your data getting leaked by a third party production house. The last thing you would want is that your patented product, which took months to come to life, is being leaked out into the market and being copied. At Compu Drive System we respect your privacy and sign an NDA to make sure your data is protected.

·        We capture the photos covering every angle. This is how we offer our customers a 360° visual understanding of the product. Also, the workability and the functionality of the products become all the more highlighted with our attached videography.

·        All the photographs have taken place under proper lighting. It makes the features of the product get pronounced under lighting. We choose any one of these two types of lighting— Studio setup and Natural lighting.

·        We make sure the edits only enhance the visibility of the products to our customers and do not manipulate the real image of the product.


A word from Miron about Product photography—

Miron believes Pictures are like silent conversations. They communicate with purchasers of a brand the silent message of trust and adds value to a company's growth. We help the customers to arrive at a concluding decision with great ease through these photographs. Many people surf mobile more than laptops. A picture-based product description helps them to finalize our products.


Our Mission with Product Photography—

At Compu Drive System we build things as small as a chip, to things as gigantic as an instrument clearing algies in a ship. Now to carry physically all these products everywhere is impossible. To give an overview of the minute details of all these products we do all our photography and videographies. Our sole intent is to win the trust of our clients and making the buyer experience the best in class.


Therefore, choose Compu Drive System, and experience prototyping services that are best in their class.