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Want to turn your dream idea to product?

                                                                                      Thinking to boost your business profits?

You've come to the right place. We are in prototype model and product design company with three decades of expertise & experience in turning your innovative idea into a smart automated product ranging from home automation to industrial automation machines. Call us at +919831092629 for more detail, and let us work with you on all of your product design needs.


Compu Drive System is a one-stop solution provider in the Field of Designing Out of the box product, Design Thinking, Prototyping, Electronics Circuit Design, Mechatronics, Factory Automation..

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Mechanical CAD

Compu Drive System is primarily a Prototype designing firm. In today’s world in case of Prototyping CAD designing is becoming essentially important. Every Prototyping product...

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Prototype Model

Team Compu Drive System. We are a company bagging the wealth of 30 long years of existence. Our clients recognize us as a one-stop solution for all the prototyping model designer needs...

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3D Modeling & 3D Printing

3D modeling are an essential part of the Prototype model design business. Compu Drive System, a leading prototyping farm in Kolkata for the last 30 years, is a well-known name in 3D modeling..

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Product Photography & Video

Miron also has a deft hand in Product photography. Over the years, Miron has photographed every single product made at Compu Drive System for our in-house marketing endeavors...

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Electronic Circuit

Compu Drive System, India, is an PCB design company and industry leader in high quality PCB design services and turnkey electronic engineering that has offered, the very best services to generate prototype...

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PhD & Engineering Projects

These days’ active learning programmes are becoming popular on a global level. In case of engineering when students, besides practicing the theoretical concept, engage themselves..

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What We Do

Meet & Agree

To understand and transform your IDEAS into tangible and marketable product. We first sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your IP and confidentiality.

Project Planning

Next We like to hear your concept, and start to create concept sketch and brainstorming then designing the Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical CAD designs for your prototype.

Design & Create

Finally on approval of design, starts the product building process like PCB and PCBA, mechanical fabrication, material & parts procurement, finally making of prototype model starts.

Working Images On Various Project

Testing Of Control Panel Of A Robot

Assembly Of Industrial Robotic Control Panel

Industrial Drawing and Design for prototyping model

Design Stage Work And Measurement Verifications

Our 3D printer section

Our 3D Design And Print Section

Drilling Process In A Industrial Machine At Compu Drive System Lab

Mechanical Assembly Of Industrial Machine

Compu Drive System My Office

Me At My Office

Testing Of PCB At Compu Drive System Lab

Testing Of PTH PCB

Soldering Of A SMD PCB In Compu Drive System Lab

Hand Soldering Of SMD Prototype PCB

Working at new industrial machine design at Compu Drive System

Working On industrial Machine Assembly

Hybrid Solar Light Project For A COmpany At Qatar Project By Compu Drive System

Working On Hybrid Solar Project In Qatar

Compu Drive System Electronic Lab

My Electronic Workbench The Most Enjoyable Place Of My Life

Compu Drive System Mechanical Section Tapping Work

Me Doing Mechanical Tapping

Ribbon Printer Prototype Designed By Compu Drive System

My Designed Semi Automatic Ribbon Printer