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Compu Drive System a global name as Circuit Design, Designing Circuit Design Using Encoder, Transducer, Sensors and Actuators

We are your one stop destination for complete customized electronic circuit designer & product design business needs. Team Compu Drive System is a Global name as circuit designer Using Encoder, Transducer, Sensors and Actuators. Our expertises in circuit design services with our experienced circuit designer’s and electronic engineers can make your IDEAS happen!

 Compu Drive System, India, is an PCB design company and industry leader in high quality PCB design services and turnkey electronic engineering that has offered, the very best services to generate prototyping products, at a very competitive price to our valued clients, strewn across USA, UK, China, Qatar, Afghanistan, and from different parts of India, for the last thirty years. With our resources and experience, we cater what it takes to meet your electronic; Mechatronics prototyping needs related to PCB schematic design. Once our team is hired, we become your complete electronic engineering partner, irrespective of how large or small your project is, and also do the production of the prototyping goods.

We as circuit designer provide customized electronic design services and PCB design services with layout for analog circuit, digital and microcontrollers based PCB boards for a range of electronic systems and apply them in to different fields of engineering. You might already have designed the schematics, and now require a PCB layout from it, or you might be looking to improvise and optimize your existing design for cost-effective PCB assembly—in both these cases Compu Drive System can serve. Our team can help you build high speed PCB design from scratch as well as provide technology consulting services to solve any technical complexities that you might face.

 Once our PCB design layout is approved, the client and the manufacturer both agreeing upon it, we export it to format the manufacturer supports. To initiate and facilitate the management process of this complex chain, from designing the prototype to manufacturing the actual product, we prepare a bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files that delineate the design requirements for each image of a circuit board. Manufacturers fall back on this documentation as a reference for board fabrication and PCB assembly. For certain projects, like housing, we also construct 3D models of PCBs and insert these at the right place.

 Compu Drive System has a deft hand in using PCB design software, namely Altium Designer, autodesk eagle, OrCAD, Ki Cad, and PCad. All these programs have enhanced features for building boards from simple to the most complex ones with vast component library. 

 Compu Drive system— a primary prototyping firm, in a trustworthy name to provide Electronic design services, and any PCB Design Services. Every hardware gadgets, for its functionality, needs a Mechanical and an Electronic/electrical front attached to it. The electronic part of any machine keeps the hardware going as per the user choice or based on how the programming is done, of it.


Compu Drive Services is known for providing such types of circuit designing services, and PCB Designing services — which is a part of our Electronic designing only. Our circuit designer design circuit and PCB's based on the client’s need— how they want it to be programmed.

Compu Drive System - Team Circuit Designer 

All the prototyping services built by team Compu Drive System go through multiple checking, and we make sure to tailor make our products as per the client’s exclusive needs. Our Electronic Circuit Designer and PCB services are two wings where we have reached the apogee of perfection over so many years. Therefore, Compu Drive system can match all your Prototype needs as per desired expectations! Book an appointment with us and let us serve you once at least!