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PhD & Engineering Project

These days’ active learning programmes are becoming popular on a global level. In case of engineering when students, besides practicing the theoretical concept, engage themselves in building projects they become a part of the active learning mode of acquiring engineering knowledge. College engineering project are becoming very useful method to uplift practical engineering confidence. Project building is especially popular among students of electronics, aerospace, electrical, mechanical, civil, Instrumentation, Power, and Production engineering. Unfortunately; in India the scope of building prototype products is very limited. We are a proud team of Compu Drive System, a leading company delivering prototyping services for the past thirty years, who invites students from different walks of engineering studies to try their hands on building different types of models based on prototype technology. It gives them immense understanding of those theories, they have learnt in books, and at the same time brings out their creativity, and innovation capacity.


Also, at Compu Drive System lab students learn to build college engineering projects using simple building materials like cardstock, hot glue, balsa wood, foam core etc. to using of CAD design and building mechanical structure along with circuit design and playing with electronic components, sensors and circuits. Student also uses 3D printers and 3D design software to print some parts of their project.


The Learning Objectives of these Processes


 By building practical engineering project engineers’ can fish out different designing procedures, through testing, and alternative creation method.  They also compare the functionality of different building materials, in terms of availability, and economical status.


Compu Drive System and few of its flagship projects


Electronic circuit Design for Yoga: One of the students doing PhD projects in Yoga, became a part of developing an electronic circuit that can track the response generated by different parts of our body on chanting a hymn, or Mantra.


Industrial Enhanced Reporting: The giant motors used in big industries sometimes stop running due to technological errors. This project, by a final year BTech student, held at Compu Drive System Lab could detect in prior the shut down signals of a motor, and accordingly could adopt preventive measures.


Photography Project/ Wireless Autonomous Camera Control Transmitter System: We designed a camera control for a team of wild life photographers to do photography of wild animals, in the uncanniest environment. We incorporated a wireless sensor in the camera, that could sense the presence of any wild animal within 15 metres of range, and accordingly it would turn on the device and capture multiple shots of the animal. The camera control has been developed using technologies that could save battery and could run for 7/10 days long.


Wheel Chair Designing: Using this device any person having special needs can manoeuvre his/her motion, voice command. The device was built using Electro-Mechanical technology and RF concept.


Govt. Sponsored Projects: The device developed by Compu Drive System, being attached to the vehicle could detect drunken driver, and RFID card. The same device could also report about the passengers on board, to their respective institutes: school/ college/ home/ office. The device at the same time has a shock releasing method which can be used by a passenger in case of any danger for self-protection.


Objectives of these projects


The final year college engineering project and the PhD projects at Compu Drive System are designed keeping in mind the purposes-

To bring creativity and talent of budding engineers.

To enhance the chances of employability of a student, by ameliorating his/her profile.

These projects enhance the understanding of theoretical concepts among students by its practical application.

The methodology employed in these projects help you to answer any question asked in any interview board.

At Compu Drive System, we are growing all the more by broadening our avenues for students, scientists and engineers to design projects of Robotics, machine learning, automation, Internet of Things (IoT) etc that can shape the future.