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Compu Drive System

Compu Drive System For Industrial Autonation

We are Automation Engineer Using Sensors and Actuators in Industrial Automation to Enhance Industrial Manufacturing & Profit

Compu Drive System is a trustworthy name in the field of electronics design. We are automation engineer using sensors and actuators and has been in the automation technology business in India for the last three decades, undertaking industrial automation and automation robotics design and development projects to enhance industrial manufacturing productivity.


Modern automation machines are being combined with sensors, actuators,  the Internet of Things (IoT), and microcontrollers, which are in high demand for providing industrial automation solutions to improve automated industrial manufacturing systems and increase hourly productivity while maintaining full quality control. Furthermore, we try our best to meet the whole requirement economically.


A robot is a sensory data-driven machine. It performs a lot of complex and repetitive works for industries. Compu Drive System covers a wide range of application areas, such as robotic-assisted manufacturing; advanced mechanisms and robotics; instrumentation and device control; automation anywhere systems; intelligent sensing and control; autonomous and complex systems; sensor design, and sensor-based control; Smartphone-controlled robotics systems; aerospace systems, industrial manufacturing automation.


A word at the finale

Compu Drive System is a one-stop solution provider as automation engineer in the Field of Designing Out of the box product, Design Thinking, Prototyping, Electronics Circuit Design, Mechatronics, Factory Automation, Industrial Automation and Control, Assembly Automation Machine, are our fortes. We undertake innovative project assignments for all the inventors, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Large Companies, Corporate and industries in India and across countries.


So are you looking for industrial automation and robotics designers to improve you industrial manufacturing process in India? We are designers with 3 decades of expertise & experience to build your creative concept into smart automated industrial & robotic prototype products. With a quick design and development process, at justified costs, keeping your product concept private, we turn your ideas into a product from scratch. For any inquiry call Compu Drive System Team Automation Engineer at +91 9831092629.