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How To Make Prototyping Cost Efficient In India?

To make prototype industrial products cost-efficient is a humungous task. Any moderate to large scale prototyping experiment goes through many phases. Each phase is effort-some; time & money-consuming when worked in detail. Prototyping Cost also varies accordingly.


A General Overview of How Cost Gets Calculated for Prototyping



Because prototype industrial product building is thoughts/concepts to a real product, so it’s very experimental, the final cost cannot be estimated offhand. We of course take a financial roadmap while we set our mission into a project phase. But at the final stage, the cost raises to sometimes two times the estimated cost.

There are several phases; for example, from concept to design, then changes in design and redesign, building and rebuilding of prototype, circuit and PCB design for automation of prototype, electronic component procurement, Assembly of PCB, enclosure design, programming the MCU and app design, enabling IoT, testing all functionality, clients usage, and feedback, etc which sum up most of the prototyping cost proportion.

When we receive the work order for manufacturing a certain product according to a company's demand, our graphic designer first gives a realistic impression of the prototype. When this gets approved; the engineers put their hands off to design the machine in real. This process of designing the machine from its graphic blueprint goes through a lot of changes and modifications. Each change demands some rejection and some addition of materials. And of course, it comes with adjusting a lot of costs.

It can be inferred from the data given above that the experimental process of prototyping goes through a lot of unpredictable changes. These changes create a fluctuation in costs. Therefore, to cut down these continua of additional costs the blueprint has to be more specific. A cost prediction's accuracy improves as the prototype blueprint is very correctly built.

Technology Used, and Prototyping Cost

From the stage of constructing a fully built prototyping machine from the blueprint to the realm, one goes through several micro-stages. One such is choosing the right technology. To end up with a successful prototyping machine one needs to have a clear vision of what one wants, and how he wants it. First and foremost, the suitable prototype materials for building the machine must be considered. Understanding these needs enables one to choose the right technology. It delivers high-quality surface finishes.

Post Processing of a Prototype Product

The post-processing of a manufactured item is also a time-consuming, and cost deriving part. This part of prototyping is coupled with 3D printing. Some technologies require less post-processing time than others, but all 3D printed parts require a certain degree of post-processing. Some aspects of post-processing can certainly be automated to cut down labour time and costs. 

In the post-processing, we need a demo of the product too. Our team member goes to the client location and delivers training to the professionals on how to operate the machine.

How Compu Drive System Calculates the Prototyping Cost of a Flagship Project— In Detail

Our team at CDS does the most efficient work, at the most competitive price. Before finalizing the cost of a project we take into consideration various factors. It depends largely on the time scale of the project, and complications of the prototype we build. The phases of the whole project remain important factors in determining the final cost. The type of project that is pure electronics or electromechanical is also valid while counting the cost of a project. If the project is purely electronic then the price is cheaper compared to an electro-mechanical project. A complicated project compiled of motors, and sensors, to form something new —then it becomes even costlier. Internet of Things (IoT) also elevates the cost of a project. There are several demos intertwined in several phases of the project. Through each demo, the client gives us specifications of what can be done more with the project. Such, modifications also hike the cost. In prototypes, there are many rejections, modifications, and up-gradation to reach the final product. Such changes fetch out the extreme cost of a project.

A Word At The Finale

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