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What is Product Design and the Product Design Process?

A genius design engineer's touch and time are required to create an innovative prototype product.

                                                                                                     Mr. Sandip Golani


Imagine items that do not exist and bring them to life is what we do as for society. Prototype product design is an interactive process in which product designers and engineers transform abstract concepts into concrete forms moving from paper to a real functional product. The most basic reason for prototyping is to demonstrate that your idea works.


Design is concerned with how things function, how to control, and the nature of human-technology interaction. Even though an idea prototype may appear simple to inventors, prototypes can be more complex than you think once they have been designed and produced.


The process of product creation is a steep climb. The majority of startups and investors grossly underestimate the time and or effort required to complete the exercise. When it comes to creating new products, there seems to be an assumption that everything would go well from the start. The process of prototyping is both fascinating and challenging.


Prototype designing is becoming increasingly popular in all engineering disciplines, including architecture, electronics, software and application design, circuit design, and product design.


Rapid Prototyping Concept

Rapid prototyping is a term that refers to a set of techniques for swiftly fabricating a scale model of a physical part or assembly using 3D computer-aided design data.


Rapid prototyping assists businesses in turning ideas into accurate proofs of concept, progressing these concepts to elevated prototypes that look and work like final-product.


CAD designers and engineers may swiftly construct prototypes from CAD data utilizing modern technologies like 3D printers, CNC turning, milling, bending, and metal laser cutting machines and revise their designs based on real-world testing and feedback. 


In-house rapid prototyping eliminates the high costs and lead time associated with outsourcing. 


Rapid prototyping allows engineers to thoroughly test prototypes that look and perform like final products, reducing the risks of usability and manufacturability issues before moving into mass production.


Prototyping is almost always necessary for industrial designers and engineers when considering a concept design or idea and is a crucial step in creating and developing an industrial product.


Many inverters do say getting prototype product design is very costly. Think about the costs associated with terrible product designs if you believe that good design is expensive. Any intelligent idiot can increase the complexity and size of a product designed. Genius and courage are required to move in the opposite direction.


We can quickly submit patents if we use a functional prototype product design. According to the rule of the patent, we can file the claim of a patent only if it is a true innovation. Once you are interested in applying for a patent, you must first create the prototype.



Compu Drive System is a one-stop destination to solve all the prototype product needs. We are in the business for over 30 years. Our team is highly professional and has served clients both nationally and internationally. We also take delight in holding a patent as a reward for our efforts. The tiniest details that our clients share with us are crucial when it comes to creating a product.


So, for any of your prototyping needs, we are just a call away. 


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